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Meet the Team

Nick Crawley

Hi, my story is that my father is an Anglican Clergyman and I was brought up in a Vicarage family. I was good at sums at school – and not much else – so I did a maths degree at Southampton University and then went to London because everyone else was going there. Barclays Bank let me work for them for six years. I wasn’t that good at Banking but I could have made a career in Investment Management. I was very involved with Holy Trinity Brompton where I was a lay pastor.

I began to realise that my heart was in the ministry I was doing at Holy Trinity Brompton and so in 1985 I applied for, and was accepted for training as a clergyman. I trained at Wycliffe Hall and then served a five year curacy under a very godly man, Martin Peppiatt, who was vicar of St. Stephen’s East Twickenham. While I was there I met and married Lucy my gorgeous wife and we had two children. Then suddenly out of the blue, I was invited to be Rector of a large multi-ethnic church the centre of Harare, Zimbabwe. We went there in 1993 for six years. It was a time when God was working powerfully across the churches and we witnessed strong growth through using the Alpha course.

In 1999 we moved to a completely different church in inner city Sheffield with housing estates and tower blocks. It was a different work, but we saw God change the church community. We also engaged in and completed the reordering of the church building. We moved to Bristol in 2004 to pioneer this new Mission Church which we love. There isn’t any job in the world I would want to do instead of this.

Lucy and I have four boys; Seth, Harry, Roscoe and Jem – all roughly in the teenage stage or beyond. I love playing golf, swimming, riding my motor bike, reading when I have the chance and watching films. I am strongly committed to the ministry of the Word and the Spirit.  

Lucy (Peppiatt) Crawley

There are loads of things that I love about being part of Crossnet and living in Bristol. Crossnet is an adventure because we’re never quite sure what the next year (or month even!) is going to bring. Whoever comes and whatever happens, it always involves my favourite things, talking honestly, learning more about God, praying for each other and the needs around us, food, and good friendship.

As well as helping Nick to lead Crossnet, I lecture in Christian Doctrine at WTC (Westminster Theological Centre which is a great college (with some excellent lecturers needless to say!). 

Nick and I really value learning and will always make time for anyone who has questions about the Christian faith, whether you’ve been a Christian for years, just starting out or not at all. 
We have four sons, all of whom are a part of the Crossnet team which basically keeps me busy for most of the rest of the time. Apart from Crossnet, lecturing and my family, I love exploring new restaurants in Bristol, cooking, nice wine, good films and last but most importantly, our dog, Cosmo.